The End of Every War Between Arabs and Israel

"It's not their land. It's been our land for over 3,000 years. It's been our eternal city Jerusalem and our sacred Temple Mount, for 3,000 years... They can stay if they want, we're not pushing them out, but they can't push US out of our ancestral homeland. This message is probably more important than anything else we can say, and I encourage everyone to emphasize this."
Benjamin Netanyahu, July 9, 2001

Terrorism in the Streets of Jerusalem
Suicide bombing in Jerusalem, Israel. August 9th, 2001
15 Killed, 130 Injured, many in critical conditions

Terrorism in the Streets of Jerusalem
Six infants were killed in the attack

Israel is defenseless against these horrible attacks of terrorism. Israel's only defense against these attacks are targeting the terrorists and eliminating them before they plan more attacks. Yet the whole world condemns Israel for this.

Who are these terrorists?
Muslim Palestinians, that are fighting a Jihad (holy war) against the Jewish nation, Israel.

Why are they doing this?
The Palestinians are exploited by the Arab nations as a political movement targeted towards the destruction of Israel. These Palestinians are filled with propaganda and hate against Israel and Jews in general ever since they were born. They believe that killing themselves and taking innocent Jewish people with them will grant them a place in heaven.

Why do they want to destroy Israel?
Arab leaders are greedy, and won't even give in 1/10th of a percent of the Middle East. A Jewish nation is like a piece of food stuck in their throat. It contradicts the idea of having complete Muslim Arab unity in the Middle East.

But I thought Palestinians were fighting against Israeli occupation?
Mr. Barak offered the Palestinians 93% of the West Bank, the whole Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. The Palestinians refused because giving up the occupation will mean Israel will finally have set and defined borders. The Palestinians don't want that, they want to be able to take us much of Israel and to drive the Jews into the sea. The Palestinian's excuse is that the deal did not include the "right of return" which would allow 4.5 million Palestinians into Israel. Surely causing the collapse of Israel. Any Israeli leader that would agree to the "right of return" agrees to national suicide. Besides that, if truly this conflict was only because of the Israeli occupation, would someone mind explaining to me the war of 1948? The war of 1956? And the war of 1967? Were those wars also because of the yet-to-exist Israeli occupation? Why didn't the Palestinians declare a state while the territories were under the control of Egypt and Jordan (pre-1967 war)?

The Truth

We, the m0sad hacking group, do not support such things as "kill all Arabs". All we want is security in our own home.
Every time we go outside of our house, go to the mall, or go on a bus, we risk our lives.
We do not want to live in fear, we want peace.
But there is no peace partner, Arafat is a two-faced hypocritical liar.
All we want is security in our home, our nation, our homeland.
Let us have that security, let us fight the evil terrorists, the evil PLO that spread its propaganda, hate and incitement through the radio and television broadcasts.
Let us be able to walk freely and fearlessly in our capital city, Jerusalem.
Let us fight the Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, the Fatah.
For we also need a home.
We do not want death to all Arab, for we ourselves have Arab friends.
We only want to eliminate the Arab terrorists.
We only want to live in peace.

The Pain

The Pain

The Destruction

The Destruction

Yehoda ShoamYehuda Shoam

The lives of our children


The Real Arafat

The Real Arafat!

National Flag of Israel



Adi Beni and Omer

Images taken from various on line newspapers and other on line resources. Edited and written by giga.